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On February 22, Ukraine chaired a meeting of National Coordinators of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) member countries.

Among the main issues on the agenda: updating the Ukraine Presidency Action Plan for 2022, presentation of the Transnational Hackathon on Sustainable Development for the Danube Region, implementation of the “embedding” process and conceptual vision of the Danube Youth Council, as well as the state of joint projects and priorities for further cooperation of member countries.

“Establishing cooperation of all member countries and our active work on certain priorities will contribute to their effective implementation. In particular, we plan to implement a number of initiatives that involve young people in the decision-making process and create conditions for the development of their potential. Also, together with the Contact Point of the Danube Strategy, we continue to implement the process of “embedding” and promote the establishment of the Danube Youth Council, “- said the national coordinator of Ukraine Igor Korkhovy.

As part of its presidency, Ukraine initiated the Transnational Hackathon on Sustainable Development for the Danube Region for students and youth, which will promote unity and involve young people in solving common problems in the Danube Region and ensure the formation of a partnership network and transnational cooperation between EUSDR member countries.

During the meeting, the National Coordinator presented the Hackathon Regulations and outlined the main aspects of the formation and selection of member countries. It is planned that the acceptance of projects from interested higher education institutions will take place in the following areas: climate change and response to climate challenges, decarbonisation and clean energy use, sustainable industry and sustainable mobility, pollution reduction, sustainable business development. The hackathon will take place in two stages: the national selection and the final.

The parties also discussed the conceptual vision of the Danube Youth Council, which aims to create additional tools to involve young people in solving social problems and enhance its role in the macro-regional strategy.

As for the implementation of the “embedding” process. Within the framework of its presidency, Ukraine will prepare a draft Instruction outlining the main actions necessary for the further transition to project financing as part of the defined strategic goals. It is planned that the focus of joint efforts in the “embedding” process will shift to the implementation and realization of previously developed tools, which provided that priorities, measures and projects agreed by EU institutions should be implemented in a coordinated and synchronized manner in the countries of macro-regional strategy.

The EUSDR member countries expressed their support for Ukraine and their interest in the effective implementation of the identified priorities and their readiness to promote the implementation of joint projects aimed at improving the well-being of the people of the Danube region.

In the EUSDR governance system, the National Coordinators act as strategic coordinators within their own government and ensure communication and cooperation between stakeholders within the EUSDR at the international, national and regional levels.

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